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Lipstick Sig

To see the printer friendly version of this tutorial, click HERE

This is what we'll be making:

Thanks to Bizzygram for requesting this tutorial :o)

For this tutorial you will need:

Paint Shop Pro - Any version will work fine as the majority of the sig is made in Animation Shop.
Animation Shop 3
Lipstick Tube
Lips Tube

I don't know who owns copyright to the lipstick and lips tubes. They were offered as a snag in an MSN group. If they belong to you, please email me and I'll give credit and a link to your site, or remove them, whichever you prefer.

Open a new canvas, 500x500. We need it big for now, we'll crop away the excess later.

Set your background colour to #972d51

Click on your text tool and write your name. I've used Bradley Hand font, size 72. Floating and Anti Alias checked.

It's best to use a simple font for this type of sig, until you're comfortable with making writing sigs. Once you are, you can try more elaborate fonts!

Once you've applied your text to the canvas, move it to the centre then go to Selections > Select None

Save your text as a PSP file

Open your text in Animation Shop.

We now need to duplicate the frames. The number of frames depends upon the amount of letters in your name. A good rule is to duplicate your text 5 times for every letter (if the font you're using is a simple one, if it's elaborate, you may need more frames per letter). My name has 5 letters so needs to be duplicated so it has approx 25 frames. We also need an extra frame for the lips tube so instead of duplicating mine to 25, I duplicated it so it had 33 frames. That way, I knew I'd definitely have enough frames for everything I needed to do.

Click on the Registration Mark tool

use the following settings:

Now click on the first frame to select it and click at the start of your first letter (think about where you would start writing the letter if you had a paper and pen in front of you)

Click once and this will put a cross at the start of your letter.

Click on the eraser tool and use the following settings:

Now erase all the letters in the first frame.

The reason for the cross is so that when we come to add the lipstick tube, we'll know where the start of the letter is.

Now, click on frame 2 and erase part of the first letter and all the other letters. Again, think about how you would write the letter if you were using a pen and paper.

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