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Uploading your Web Set

To see the printer friendly version of this tutorial, click HERE

To add a web set to an MSN group page you have to upload the set to an album in an MSN group. If you're uploading the set to the group where you're going to be using it, it doesn't matter if your group is locked. If you're uploading the set in one group and are going to be using it in different groups, the group where you upload the set MUST be an open group. The reason for this is, if you upload the set into an album in a locked group, only people who are members of that group will be able to see the backgrounds.

You don't have to just use the albums for web sets, you can also upload sig tags, photos etc that you would like to post on the boards in groups.

OK, first thing you need to do is to create a new album in your group. Click on Pictures on the side menu in your group.

If this is the first time you've used the picture facility it will take you to the pictures album. You can upload the web set into this album if you like but I personally prefer to create a new album just for my set. This way, it's easier for me to find where the set is if I want to make any changes to my page.

Click on Show Albums.

Now click on Create a New Album

Give your album a name and if you like you can put a short description about the contents of the album.

You now have to choose who can use the album. I always choose Only the album creator and managers may add and delete photo's. That way, if you get any members who want to cause you trouble (which unfortunately does happen from time to time) they won't be able to delete any of your web set.

Click Create album

Now to add the web set. Click on Add Photos

 If this is the first time you've uploaded anything to an MSN album you'll be given the option to install MSN's uploading software. I'd advise you to do this because it makes uploading web sets a lot easier. If you don't install the software you have to add the parts of the set one at a time.

When the new page opens, you will see a list of the folders on your computer down the right hand side. Browse to the folder where you saved your web set and click on it.

All the contents of that folder will be displayed on the main area of the page. If you only have your web set in that folder click on select all

If you have other things in the folder that you don't want to upload, click on each of the web set pieces so that a tick appears in the top right hand corner of the thumbnail

when you've got all your pieces selected, scroll down the page and click on Resize Options

When the options appear, click on don't resize.

The reason I do this (and I do it every time I upload something, whether it be web sets, sig tags or photos) is because the resize option can sometimes ruin your web set, especially if you make a web set using a bordered background instead of seamless tiles and also, if I upload an animated sig tag, the resize option sometimes stops the animation from working or removes the transparency so my sig tags end up with black backgrounds when I post them on the boards :s

Once you've clicked on Don't Resize, scroll back up and click on Upload now.

The speed with which your set uploads depends on how many items you're uploading, the file size of the items and your connection speed.

And that's it, your set (or what ever you're uploading!) will now be in your album :o)

To see my tutorial on how to add a web set to a page, click HERE

Tutorial written by Shell 2003



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