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Lil Worm!

To see the printer friendly version of this tutorial, click HERE

My tutorials are being translated into Dutch by a lovely lady called Miriam :o)
If you'd like to view the Dutch version of this tutorial, Click
Thank you Miriam ;)


This is what we'll be making.

For this sig tag all you'll need is the following animated worm and the colour tile. Right click on them and save them to your pc in a folder of your choice.

Animated worm from Animation Library

Open  a New Image large enough to support your name.

Open the colour square and using your dropper tool, right click on the colour square. This will put the green colour in your bottom colour palette.
Set your top colour palette to black.

Click on your text tool and use the following settings:

Now add your text

We're now going to add an Inner bevel. Use the following settings.

Go to Edit > Copy

Open Animation Shop and go to Edit > Paste as new animation.
Your text will open in animation shop and will be cropped.

Open the worm in animation shop. Click on the first frame, which is blank, right click and delete it.

We need to duplicate our text so it has the same number of frames as the worm.
The worm has 22 frames. Duplicate your text so it has 22 frames.

OK, now click on the blue bar at the top of the worm image to make it the active image and go to Edit > Select All then Edit > Copy.

Now click on the blue bar at the top of your text image to make it the active image and go to Edit > Select All then Edit > Paste into Selected

Move your mouse to where you the want the worm and click once to position it.

Ok, now we need to go to the last frame, which doesn't have any part of the worm on it. Click on it to select it and go to Edit > Copy

Now go to frame 1 and click on it to select it.

Go to Edit > Paste before current frame.

We now need to set the frame properties.

Right click on each frame and set the frame properties as follows:

Frame 1 - 200
Frame 2 - 10
Frame 3 - 10
Frame 4 - 10
Frame 5 - 10
Frame 6 - 10
Frame 7 - 10
Frame 8 - 30
Frame 9 - 20
Frame 10 - 20
Frame 11 - 20
Frame 12 - 40
Frame 13 - 40
Frame 14 - 50
Frame 15 - 100
Frame 16 - 10
Frame 17 - 10
Frame 18 - 10
Frame 19 - 10
Frame 20 - 10
Frame 21 - 10
Frame 22 - 10
Frame 23 - 100

Save your sig and you're done :o)


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Tutorial written by Shell İ 2005

Animated worm from Animation Library



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