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Prelude To A Kiss

To see the printer friendly version of this tutorial, click HERE

This is what we'll be making

For this tutorial you will need:

PSP 9 & Animation Shop 3 - You can download a free trial of both programs HERE
The picture I used or any picture you choose.
I used art by Josephine Wall...You can find her site HERE
The art I used is called Prelude to a Kiss and can be found HERE
The gradient I used HERE (If this gradient belongs to you, please email me so I can give you credit or remove it, whichever you prefer) Unzip the gradient into your gradient folder.
Font 1 - Brock Script This is a free font.
Font 2 - Carpenter Please Note: This isn't a free font. Feel free to use any font you choose.

1) Open a new canvas. Use the following settings:

2) Set your foreground colour to #a45e94. To do this, click in your foreground colour box and type the colour number in the html box.

3) Flood fill your canvas

4) Go to Effects > texture Effects > Blinds and use the following settings:

5) Add a new raster layer by going to layers > New Raster Layer or by clicking on the new layer icon on your layer palette

6) Use your selection tool to make a thin, horizontal selection at the top of the canvas

7) Go to Selections > Modify > Expand

8) Expand the selection by 4 pixels

9) This is what you will have:

10) Set your foreground colour box to  and flood fill the selection

11) Add a new Raster Layer then make a thinner horizontal selection, under the first.

12) Go to Selections > Modify > Expand and expand the selection by 2 pixels.
Flood fill with the gradient.

13) Right click on Raster 3 and click on Duplicate

14) Use your mover tool to move the copied line above the original line:

15) Turn off the visibility of raster 1 and right click on raster 2. Go to Merge > Merge Visible.

16) This is how your layer palette will look:

 and this is how your canvas will look.


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