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Rotate Colours Text

To see the printer friendly version of this tutorial, click HERE

This is a simple tutorial which will show you how to get different effects using gradients in PSP and rotate colours in Animation Shop.

Supplies needed: Jasc PSP 8 (although it will work equally well in PSP 7)

Open a new image

It's big because I like plenty of space to play with.

Go to the colour palette and set the background to a gradient. Set the gradient angle to 0.

If you like, you can choose a foreground colour so you get an outline on your text.

Use the following settings. (A fat font is needed for this kind of text, I used Bell Bottom)

Click on your canvas and type in the text when the text entry box opens. Click ok.

Stretch your text until it's the size you want it then go to the layer palette and right click on the vector layer. Choose Promote to raster layer.

Go to Edit > Copy

Now open Animation Shop and go to Edit > Paste > As new animation

Go to Effects > Insert Image Effects. In the effects drop down box, choose Rotate Colours.

you can set the effect length and frames per second to how you want them, however, the higher you set them, the more frames the finished animation will have. This will mean a larger file size so it's advisable to keep them low.


Click on the View Animation and if you're happy with the effect, you can save it.


OK, let's make the colours rotate in a different direction....

Go back to PSP. Your canvas with your first text should still be open. Go to the layer palette and right click on the text layer. Click on delete.

Go to the colour palette and click in the gradient box to open the palette.

Set the gradient angle to 90

Do your text as before and take into animation shop to add the rotate colours effect.

This last one was made with the gradient angle set to 131

Play around with the gradient angle and repeats to get different effects :o).

If you're doing this tutorial as part of the Animation Overdrive in Robbie's Members or Radiant Rascals please submit 3 texts using the 3 gradient angles ;)



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