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Dripping Text

To see the printer friendly version of this tutorial, click HERE

This tutorial was written in PSP 8, however, if you don't have PSP and want to use the trial version, only PSP 9 is available for download. Both versions are very similar though so you shouldn't have any problem doing it in either version.

This is what we'll be making:


For this tutorial, you will need:

PSP 9 & Animation Shop 3 - You can download a free trial of both programs HERE
The doll I used. DOWNLOAD and unzip to a folder of your choice.
ActionIs Font - This is a free font. Click HERE

Eyecandy4000 - This isn't a free filter. It can be purchased
Alien Skin are now offering this filter as a free demo. Download Eyecandy 5 Nature to try this and other filters, free for 30 days :) Thanks to Loopycat for the information ;)

If you need help with installing plug ins, click HERE

Open a new canvas. Use the following settings:

Set your foreground box to #de39ad

Set your background box to # ffceff

Click on your text tool and use the following settings:

Click on your canvas. When your text entry box opens, type in your text and click ok.

Drag the nodes (little squares on the selection around the text) out a bit to make your text bigger.

Add an inner bevel using the following settings:

Right click on Vector 1 layer and click on Convert to raster layer.

Now right click on raster 2 layer and click on Duplicate. Repeat this until you have 4 layers of text.

Right click on Raster 2 and rename it drip1.

Rename the copies of raster 2 - drip2, drip3 & drip4.

Turn off the visibility of drip2, drip 3 & drip4. Click on drip1 to select it.

Go to Effects > Eyecandy 4000 > Drip and use the following settings:

Click ok and your text will look like this:

Turn off the visibility of drip1and turn on the visibility of drip 2. Click on drip2 so it's the active layer.

Add the drip effect again using the following settings:


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