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This is what we'll be making

To see the printer friendly version of this tutorial, click HERE

Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro 8. You can download a trial version here

The tube I used which is from SnickersDoodles*
*When I last checked, Snickersdoodles was no longer at the URL I had. I've added the tube for download...if you're the owner and would like me to remove it, please email me.

Font - Beauty School Drop Out

Open the tube in PSP 8

Open a new canvas 500x500. It's big but we'll crop later.

Click on the dropper tool

Move the dropper over the tube until you find you a colour you like. We want the colour to go in the fill box so instead of left clicking on the mouse, which puts the colour in the stroke box, right click and it will go into the fill box.

Set the stroke colour to black

Click on the text tool and use the following settings. (I've split the tool options bar into 2 screenshots to stop the page from going wide)

Click on the canvas and when the text entry box opens, type in your text. Click ok.

Move the text to the middle of the canvas and use the nodes on the vector box to stretch the text. It needs to be wide enough to support the tube.

Go to the layer palette and right click on the text layer. Click on Convert To Raster Layer.

Now add an inner bevel. You can either click on the inner bevel icon or go to Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel. Use the following settings.

Click on the tube canvas and go to Edit > Copy. Now click on the text canvas and go to Edit > Paste > As New Layer. Use the mover tool to move the crow into position on your text.

You should have 3 layers now. Raster 1, raster 2 and raster 3.

The bottom layer, raster 1, will be blank. raster 2 is the text layer and raster 3 is the tube layer.

Right click on raster 1. Go to Merge > Merge Visible

Now right click on the merged layer and go to Duplicate

Repeat this so you have 3 layers

I renamed my layers, 1, 2 and 3.

Turn off the visibility of layers 1 and 3 and click on layer 2 to make it the active layer.

Click on the paintbrush and use the following settings.

Zoom in on the canvas to make it easier to see what you're painting.

Paint the top part of the eyes out using black. You only want to paint half of the eyes out.

You can unhide layers 1 and 2 now. Click on layer 3 to make it the active layer.

Paint out the rest of the eyes.

Save the image as a PSP file

Open Animation Shop and open your crow image.

Click on frame 1 and go to Animation > Frame Properties. Set the display time to 80

Click on frame 2 and go to Animation > Animation Properties. Set the display time to 11. Repeat with frame 3 but set the display time 36.

Click on the crop tool and when the 3 buttons appear, click on Options

When the window opens, click on Surround Opaque Area then click ok.

Click on the crop button.

Save your file and you're done :o)

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.


Tutorial written by Shell 2004



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