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Coloured Scrollbar

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You can customise the colours of your scrollbar to co-ordinate with your page.

It's very simple using the following code from Dynamic Drive

You need to add the code to the head part of the page html.

Click on the Select All button above the code then press Ctrl and c to copy the code.

Go to your page and click on the code button

The end of the head section of the code ends where it says </head>

You need to add the code above this line

Click at the end of </title> and press enter on your keyboard to take you to the next line.

Press Ctrl and v on your keyboard to paste the scrollbar code.

You can now change the colours of different parts of the scroll. I like to use the Hexadecimal RGB Colour Chart which can be found at Hyper Gurl.

You don't have to have colour codes in all the sections. I usually just have a colour code for the face colour, the arrow colour and the track bar colour but feel free to add colour codes to all the sections to achieve the scrollbar colours you like for your page.

If I can't find the right colour from there, I use the colour chart in PSP. I open my background tiles in PSP, use the colour picker to choose the colour I want and get the HTML number

Save the page when you've added the codes and publish.


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