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Click on the Web Site tab.

Click on Remote Web Site.

You will get this the first time you click on Remote Web Site.

Click on Remote Web Site Properties.

Use the following settings but of course, put the URL of your web site, not mine!!

I don't use any of the features on the Optimize HTML tab.

Click on the publishing tab and use the following settings:

The window will split into 2. The left side shows the folders and pages that are on the Local Web Site.
Local Web Site = The folders and pages on your pc.

The window on the right shows the folders and pages on the Remote Web Site
Remote Web Site = The folders and pages on the web

Under the local and remote windows, there are some links. You can view the remote web site or open it in FrontPage.

You can use the following to publish all the folders you have in your web folder by clicking on Local to Remote then clicking on Publish Web Site.

You can download the folders and pages from the web site onto your pc by clicking on Remote to Local and clicking Publish Web Site


you can synchronize the folders that are on the web site with the folders on your pc.

I tend not to use any of the above options as I prefer to click each folder or page individually and publish by clicking on the arrow that points to the Remote Web Site.

The reason there's a question mark next to the index.htm on the Local side and the index.html on the Remote side is because the 2 pages are different. the reason for this is that we haven't published yet so the index.html on the remote side will be blank.

Click on index.htm on the local side and click on the arrow to publish the page to the web site.

Do the same with any other pages and folders you have.

You'll notice that when you publish your index.htm, it won't overwrite the index.html on the remote side. this is because the file names are slightly different. Yours is called index.htm and on the remote side it's called index.html.

We're going to delete the index.html on the remote side. Click on the page to select it and click on the scissors to delete it.

You will get this warning box.

Click Yes.

Don't worry about the warning. Whatever page you call index.htm will become the home page for your web site so you can safely delete the one that's already there ;)

And that's it....your home page for your web site should now be able to be seen on the web :o)

Tutorial written by Shell 2005



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