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Mouse & Cursor Scripts

To see the printer friendly version of this tutorial, click HERE

Choose a mouse script from Dynamic Drive or any web web site you like.

I'm using the Elastic Trail Script.

First, you need to right click on the ball image and save it into your root folder.

Now click on the Select All button then copy the code from Dynamic Drive and go to FrontPage

Click on the code button so you can see the html of your page.

The code needs to be placed in the body part of the page html and it needs to go after the the opening body tag (which is highlighted with red a red box)

Paste the code from Dynamic Drive

Save the page and publish.

You can change the blue ball image to any image you like. All you have to do is either name your chosen image, bullet.gif then save the image into your root folder


name it something else, save it into the root folder then go to Edit > Replace

The following window will open.

Type in bullet.gif in the Find what: window then type in the name of the new image in the Replace with: window.

Make sure Current Page is selected.

Click Replace all

Save the page and publish. (Remember to publish your new image as well as your page)

Tutorial written by Shell 2005



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