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Inline Frame

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Open your index page and click in the middle column

Go to Insert and click on Inline Frame

You will now have the following. Click on New Page.

This is what you'll have now:

Click on the edge of the inline frame so you get the black squares. Right click on one of the black squares and go to Inline Frame Properties.

Set the width to 100% and set the height to 360 In Pixels.

Un-tick the Show Border box then click OK

This is what you'll have:

Click on the save icon and the save box will open. This is to save the inline frame page. Call the page index1 and save it in the root folder.

You will now see it in the folder list.

Double click it to open it and right click on the page. Go to Page Properties then click on the formatting tab. Browse to the tiles folder and select the tile you want to use.
Click on the save icon.

You will now have this:

When you go back to your index page, it will look like this:

Go back to your index1 page and add some text or pictures etc that you want people to see when they visit your site.

It will look like this:

When you go back to your index page, it will look like this:

Save the page.

Go to the folder list, right click on index.htm and go to preview in browser.

This is how your page will look on the web:

Ok, now you need to create a new page and use the same background tile that you used on index1.
Save the page into the root folder and name it Terms Of Use.
Please note, when naming pages, don't use capital letters and if you want spaces between the words, use an underscore. For example: terms_of_use

Once the page has been made and saved, go to your index page and highlight the words Terms Of Use on the menu (if you're using a button instead of text, click on the button to highlight it).

We're now going to add a hyper link to the text.
Right click on the words and click on hyperlink

When the window opens, scroll down till you can see the terms of use page and click on it.

Now click on Target Frame. Another window will open.
Click on I1 and tick the box that says Set as page default.
This will make all other links you put on the page, open in the inline frame so you won't have to go to Target Frame each time you add a link.

Click OK

Click OK on the hyperlink window.

Your link text will now be underlined to show it has a hyperlink.

You can now continue to create your web pages and link to them from your index page.
You can create new sub folders in the root folder to hold the different pages and their contents. This helps keeps your web site organised.

Tutorial written by Shell 2005



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