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Creating Your Index Page

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For this tutorial you will need a web set. I made mine in PSP and saved it into a folder that I created in my web site root folder.
(A root folder is the main folder in your My Webs folder. My root folder is called 'new web' and is situated in D:/My Documents/My Webs)
Go to your root folder and create a new folder for your web set.

*Please Note: This is my own page design and is for guidance only to show you how to use tables and add tiles etc. Once you're familiar with the way everything works, you can make your own page designs*

Open Front Page

Double click on the index page which is in the folder list. This opens the page.

(Now go back to the folder list and right click on the index page. Click on Preview in browser.

Internet explorer will open and you can see how your page will look to others when they view it. It will be blank at the moment but minimise it so that each time you make a change to the page, save it by clicking on the icon and open the preview page. Click the refresh button and you'll see each new change. It really helps to do this because the way the page looks in FrontPage is not always the way it looks on the web.)

Right click on the page and go to page properties.

We're just going to concentrate on adding backgrounds and tables at the moment.
Click on the Formatting tab. Click on Browse

and browse to the folder that holds your background tiles. Click on the tile you want to use as your page background and click Open.

Your page will now have your tile as the background.

We're now going to add our first table.

Go to Table > Insert > Table

When the window opens, set the Rows and columns to 1

Specify the width to 80 and make sure In Percent is selected.

Set the cell padding to 5. This determines how much of the table you want showing when you put your next table on top.

Browse to the folder that holds your tiles and choose the tile you want to use.

Click OK

Your page will look like this:

Click inside your first table and add another table. Set your Rows and Columns to 1 and this time, Specify your width to 100 in percent. this ensures your new table fills the first table.

Browse for your tile and click OK.

Your page will now look like this:


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