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Tube Tool

To see the printer friendly version of this tutorial, click HERE


 The dolphin tube I'm using is from Cyberella's tube's. Unfortunately I've lost the link so if anyone has it please Email me so I can add it to this page :o)

Open the tube in PSP.


Go to File > Export > Picture Tube

A window will open. If your tube has more then one picture (cell) on it you need to count how many cells it has across and how many down. The one I'm using has 5 cells across and 12 cells down

If your tube is a single picture put 1 in the cells across and cells down boxes

Put the numbers in the cells across box and cells down box

The total cells box will automatically calculate how many tubes are on the whole canvas

Give the tube a name if it doesn't already have one and click OK

Close the original and that's it, the tubes will now be in your tube menu


Open a new canvas, I always make mine 500x500 because I like to have lot's of room to work with

Click on the Tube Tool  then click on the tool options box

Now click on the little arrow at the side of the window and a drop down menu will open

Choose the tube you want to use

If you leave the scale at 100 the size of the tube will be the original size. Click on your canvas a few times and you will see the tube has been kind of stamped onto the canvas. If it's a tube with different coloured pictures like the dolphin tube, each time you click on the canvas a different colour dolphin will be stamped. If your tube is a single picture then obviously it will just keep stamping the same picture onto the canvas.

To change the scale you can either click on the up and down arrows or click on the little arrow at the side of the scale box and keeping your mouse button pressed, slide the marker on the scale up or down depending on how big or small you want your tube

These are the dolphins set at 51

You can make the tube bigger but be aware that on some tubes the quality drops the bigger you make it

These are the dolphins set at 150

The sig tag below was made using a fairy tube I exported. I set the scale to about 75 because the original size is quite big

Have fun experimenting with the tube tool :o)


Tutorial written by Shell 2003

Fairy Tube From Herkeys Corner



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