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We're going to make a doll wink using the paintbrush tool

You can use any doll you like.

Doll from Candybar Dolls

Open the doll in animation shop then go to Edit > Copy

Open PSP and go to Edit > Paste as new image

This keeps the background on the doll transparent

On your layer palette, right click on the layer and duplicate.

Turn off the visibility of the top layer and click on the bottom layer to make it the active layer

Click on the Dropper tool  and move your mouse over the eyelid of your doll

You will see on the colour palette that the bottom box shows the colour the dropper is on. Click your left mouse button once and the colour will now be in the top styles box

Now click on the Paintbrush tool  and use the following settings

I always zoom in to do the painting, it makes it easier. Go to View > Zoom in by 5


This is how the eye looks before you paint

Now, paint over the eye. When that's done, change the colour in your stroke box to black and paint in a line for the eyelashes

Turn the visibility of the top layer back layer back on and save as a PSP file

Open Animation Shop and open your doll graphic

It will have 2 frames.

The first frame should be the doll with the eye closed. Right click on the first frame and go to frame properties

Set the number to 30

Now right click on the second frame (doll with eye open) and set the frame properties too 150

Save and you're done :o)

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial

Tutorial written by Shell 2003



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