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Flood Fill Tool

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This is what we'll be making

I used  a tube from Leans Country Page

Open a new canvas, use the following settings

Click on your preset shapes tool and in your tool options palette choose a flower shape. I used flower 3

Use the following settings

In your colour palette set your foreground colour to black and your background colour to null

Draw the flower shape on your new canvas. It's your choice how big you want to make it

Click on your magic wand tool and use the following settings

Now click inside the flower shape to set the ants marching

Go to Selections > Modify > Expand and expand by 2 or 3 pixels

On your colour palette, choose a solid colour, pattern or gradient and flood fill your selection

Go to Selections > Select None

Now click inside the first petal to set the ants marching then while pressing the sift key on your keyboard click inside the other empty petals. Go to selections again and expand the selections by 2 or 3 pixels then choose a different colour and flood fill the selections.

Go to Selections > Select None

Now click on the Inner Bevel icon and use the following settings

You will now have this

We're now going to duplicate the flower so we can add some noise to it.

On your layer palette, right click on the layer and click on rename. I renamed mine flower

Now right click again and click on duplicate. Repeat again so you have 3 copies of the flower layer

Rename the copies flower2 and flower3

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