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I'm going to show you a couple of ways the Draw Tool can be used

First we're going to look at Single line

Open a new canvas using the following settings

Flood fill the canvas with a colour of your choice

Click on your Draw Tool  and go to your tool options palette

Click on the arrow at the side of the Line Style window and a drop down menu will open

Choose the line style you want to use.

On your colour palette, choose the colour you want your line to be

Go to Layers > New Raster Layer. When the widow opens, Click OK

Now, draw a line across the top on your flood filled canvas

Go to your layer palette, right click on the top layer and click on Duplicate

Now go to Image > Flip

This will flip the duplicated line so it goes to the bottom of your canvas

If you need to, you can use your mover tool to centre the lines

Now, add another layer and draw a line down the side of your canvas

Go to your layer palette, right click on the top layer again and duplicate it.

Now go to Image > Mirror and your duplicated line will appear on the other side of your canvas

OK, we're now going to add some text

On your colour palette click on the little arrow that connects the top 2 boxes

This will put the colour that is in your foreground box, into your background box

Click on the text tool and click on your canvas

When the window type in your text and choose the text size and font. Make sure Antialias and floating are ticked

Click OK

We're now going to add a border

Go to Image > Add Border

A warning window will pop up telling you that a border can only be added to an image with a single layer and the layers will be merged if you add the border. Click OK. We want the layers merging anyway so doing it this way cut's out having to go to layers > Merge > Merge visible!

I added a border of 10 and made sure Symmetric was ticked

Click on your magic wand tool and click on the border so you get marching ant's around it

Click on the Inner Bevel icon and use the following settings (or any settings you prefer)

Save your image and you're done :o)

If you're doing this tutorial as part of the Beginners Basics in Robbie's Members or Radiant Rascals, please make sure you go on to page 2 and complete the Bezier Curve tutorial.



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