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Deformation Tool

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We're going to make animated wings which you can use to add to a doll.

Right click on the wings below and save to your hard drive.

Open the wings in Animation shop and go to Edit > Copy.

Now go to PSP and go to Edit > Paste as new image.

This keeps your wings transparent.

We need to have the rulers showing. To do this, go to View > Rulers.

We now need to get copies of our wings so press Shift and D on your keyboard 4 times.

Click on the first copy of the wings to make it the active frame and click on the save icon

Save this as a PSP file and name it frame 1

Close frame 1

click on the second copy to make it the active frame and click on the deformation tool

A box with nodes will appear around the butterfly.

Place your mouse cursor over the right hand node (see screenshot, the node is circled red) The cursor will change to a double ended arrow.


Now, using the ruler as a guide, drag the node in towards the butterfly's body.

On the screenshot, number 1 is where I started and number 2 is where I dragged the node too. Make a mental note of how many marks you move the node and repeat for the left hand node.

I moved the node in 3 marks on each side.


Double click on the canvas outside of the deformation box to get rid it.


Save as a PSP file, name it frame 2

Repeat the above steps on the next butterfly but instead of moving the nodes in 3 marks on the ruler, move it 6 marks on both sides


Again, repeat for the remaining 3 butterfly's but move the nodes in 3 more marks each time.

You should now have 5 PSP files, 1 of the original wings and 4 of "squashed" wings!

Time to make the animation. :o)

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