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To see the printer friendly version of this tutorial, click HERE

I love this lady tube and recently made 2 sigs for my sig partner in the MSN group Robbie's Members. I loved the results so decided to write the tutorials. Here's the first one :o)

Thanks for being my guinea pig Hope :o)

This is what we'll be making

For this tutorial you will need:

Font - Black Chancery. Download Here

Fantastic Machines Plug In - Download the free Plug Ins Here Scroll to the bottom, it says Quick Links, Download Free Demo. Click on (PAINT ENGINE)
If you need help with installing plug ins, click

A tube of your choice.

I can't offer this tube for download as I don't know who holds the copyright to this picture.

If it's yours, please email me using the contact form on the menu and I'll gladly give you credit, or remove it if you wish. I totally believe in giving credit where credit is due.

1) Open a new image using the settings below

2) Open the lady image and go to Edit > Copy (Leave the lady image open as we'll be using it again later)

Click on your new canvas and go to Edit > Paste > As New Layer

3) Go to Layers > New Raster Layer

When the window opens, click ok

4) Click on the preset shapes tool and use the following settings

5) Draw a small rectangle

6) Go to the layer palette and duplicate the rectangle layer 11 times.

Use your mover to position the rectangles as shown below

7) Go back to the layer palette and right click on the lady layer. Click Delete.

Now right click on the bottom layer and go to Merge > Merge Visible

This is what you should have

8) Click on your magic wand and use the following settings

9) While holding down the shift key on your keyboard, click inside each rectangle until they're all selected.

Go to Selections > Modify > Expand

Expand the selections by 1 pixel

10) Click back on your lady image and go to Edit > Copy.

Now click on the canvas with the rectangles and go to Edit > Paste > Into Selection.

Go to Selections > Select None

11) Time to add your text. Click on the text tool and click on the canvas. When the text entry box opens, type in your text, set your size to 48. Vector and Anti Alias checked. Click ok.

10) Move the text into position

11) Go to the layer palette and right click on the text layer. Click on Promote to Raster Layer

Now right click on the bottom layer and Merge > Merge Visible.

12) Go to Effects > 3d Effects > Drop Shadow and use the following settings

13) Go to Effects > Plug Ins > Fantastic Machines > Paint Engine and use the following settings

14) Use the crop tool to crop away any excess canvas then go to Layers > Merge All (Flatten)

Save as a .jpg file and you're done!

Here are a few others I've done using the same technique.




The following sig was made for me by a special friend and she's allowed me to use it on my tutorial to show the different results you can achieve, thanks Amy :o)


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions or comments, please use the contact form on the main menu.

Tutorial written by Shell 2004



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