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I love this lady tube and recently made 2 sigs for my sig partner in the MSN group Robbie's Members. I loved the results so decided to write the tutorials. Here's the first one :o)

Thanks for being my guinea pig Hope :o)

If you'd also like to try the second one, click here.

This is what we'll be making

For this tutorial you will need:

Font - Carpenter. Download Here.

A tube of your choice.

I can't offer this tube for download as I don't know who holds the copyright to this picture.

If it's yours, please email me using the contact form on the menu and I'll gladly give you credit, or remove it if you wish. I totally believe in giving credit where credit is due.

1) Open a new image using the settings below

2) Click on your preset shapes tool, set it to Rounded Rectangle and use the following settings

3) Draw a square, any size you want

4) Go to your layer palette and duplicate the square layer twice so you have 3 squares

5) Click on the mover tool and arrange the squares as below

60 Open the lady image and click on the Selection tool.

7) Make a small selection of part of the image then click on the copy icon or go to Edit > Copy

8) Click back on your new canvas to make it active then go to the layer and make sure the first square layer is highlighted. Click on the magic wand tool and use the following settings

9) Click inside the square then go to Selections > Modify > Expand

Expand the selection by 1 pixel

10) Now go to Edit > Paste > Into Selection

11) Repeat steps 7-10 for the remaining 2 squares

12) Now go to your layer palette and duplicate each square layer once

13) Use the mover tool to move the duplicates and arrange them as below (feel free to play around with the layers until they're arranged in a way that you like)

14) Go back to your layer palette and reduce the opacity of each the 3 duplicated layers to 65 (if you're not sure which 3 layers to reduce, just hold your mouse over a layer in the palette and a small thumbnail picture will show you what is on that layer. I could have got you to rename each layer to make it easier but I hate messing around renaming layers, I just want to get on and get the tut done lol)

15) Ok, now click on the lady image and make sure none of it is selected by going to Selections > Select None then click on the copy icon or go to Edit > Copy

16) Click on your new canvas and go to Edit > Paste > As New Layer

17) Time to add your text. Click on the Text tool and click on your canvas. When the text entry box opens, type in your text. Set your font to Carpenter. Size 72, Vector and Anti Alias checked. Click ok.

18) Using the node in the middle of the vector box, rotate your name so it angles as below. Go to the layer palette, right click on the text layer and click on Promote to raster layer.

19) With the text layer still highlighted, go to Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow and use the following settings

20) Turn off the visibility on the text layer and lady layer. right click on the bottom layer and go to Merge. Click on Merge Visible.

21) With the merged layer still highlighted, add the same drop shadow as before.

22) Now turn the visibility back on, on the text and lady layers. Right click on the bottom layer and go to Merge > Merge Visible.

23) Use the crop tool to crop away any excess canvas then go to Layers > Merge All (Flatten)

23) Save as .jpg and you're done :o)


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions or comments, please email me.


Tutorial written by Shell 2004



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