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Animated Mermaid.

To see the printer friendly version of this tutorial, click HERE

This is what we'll be making.

For this tutorial, you will need:


The mermaid tube I used from Outlaw By Design * Note, the mermaid I used isn't available anymore but there are 2 mermaids with different coloured tails, please feel free to use one of them.

One of the following tiles, depending on which mermaid you download.....right click and save to your hard drive

This is a simple tutorial to show you how to animate images. I've used a lot of screenshots in this tutorial so please be patient while the page loads :o)

1) Open your tube in PSP. Press Shift and D to make a copy and close the original.

2) If you've used the same tube as me, you need to resize it. Go to Image > Resize and use the following settings

3) You will now have this

4) Go to your layer palette, right click on the layer and click on duplicate.

5) Make sure your duplicated layer is the active layer (this means the layer you want to work on is selected)

6) Click on the Lasso tool and use the following settings.

7) Make a selection round the mermaids tail. Don't worry about being accurate at this stage.

8) When you've gone all the way round, double click to make the selection then click once in the middle of the selection to tighten the ants. This is the reason you don't have to be accurate!

9) Click on the copy icon. This copies the selected area onto the clipboard.

10) Now click on the New Image icon and use the following settings

I always make my canvas big so I have plenty of room to work with.

11) Making sure the new canvas is the active canvas, go to Edit > Paste > Paste as new layer or you can click on the new layer icon if you have it on your toolbars.

This is what you will have.

12) Go to Image > Rotate

13) Use the following settings

14) This is what you will have

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Tutorial written by Shell 2004.



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