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Animated Alphabet

To see the printer friendly version of this tutorial, click HERE

This is what we'll be making

Scottish Alphabet made by Melody Wood

  You can download the full alphabet here  

Thank You for allowing me to use your alphabet Melody :o)   

This is a very easy tutorial because all the animating on the letters has been done for you, all you're going to do is put the letters together *smiles*   

This is all done in animation shop   

Open a new canvas big enough to support your name  

I always make mine bigger than needed, then crop when I've finished  

   Open the letters you're going to need for your name   

You can see that each letter consists of 2 frames   

Click on the new canvas then click on the duplicate icon   once  

Your new canvas will now have 2 frames  

If you hold your mouse over the edge of the canvas it will turn into a double headed arrow, left click and drag the canvas out so you can see both frames at once


  On your keyboard press Ctrl and A  

This selects all frames on the active canvas  

  Now click on the first letter and again press Ctrl and A on your keyboard  

Press Ctrl and C on your keyboard or click on the copy icon  

This will copy the 2 frames of your first letter  

  Now click on your new canvas to make it the active canvas and go to Edit > Paste Into Selected or click on the Paste Into Selected icon


The letter will now be on your new canvas, if you move your mouse you will see that the letter moves with it

  Move the letter to where you want it on the canvas and left click once to position it


Click on your next letter and press Ctrl and A then Ctrl and C   

Click on your new canvas and click on the Paste into selected icon   

Again, move your letter with your mouse and left click once to position it


Repeat the above steps until you have all your letters on the new canvas  


Now we need to get rid of all that extra canvas  

  Click on the crop icon  

Above the tool bar 3 buttons will appear, 2 of them will be greyed out click on the options button


A new window will open, click on Surround Opaque


Click ok   

Now you will have a box around your name


You now have the option to click on the 2 buttons that were greyed out...  

click on the crop button


All that's left to do now is to save your image and you're done :o)   

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial  

If you any questions please feel free to email me using the contact form on the main menu.


Tutorial written by Shell 2003



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